Course: Teacher’s Program
Course Length: 500 hours
The primary objective of SHEARS COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL is to provide learning opportunities and educational experiences primarily for students of Pennsylvania.

To train the student with adequate instruction for the licensing examination.  To train the students with knowledge and skills for employment as a teacher in the cosmetology field.

The Teacher’s Program covers teaching methods, learning techniques, and professional development.  The Teacher’s Program includes learning to evaluate, demonstrate, manage a classroom, address adult learner characteristics, and learner diversity as well as needs of the industry.

Upon completion of the Teacher’s Program, the student will be able to:

  1. Know what it means to be a professional educator.
  2. Understand the curriculum development process.
  3. Create lesson plans.
  4. Create effective educational plans.
  5. Understand components of powerful presentations.
  6. Motivate learners.
  7. How to manage learner behavior.
  8. Understand this industry’s needs so you can prepare students.
  9. Understand the role played by the clinic.
  10. Understand the purpose of grading and how to grade.
  11. Identify different types of learners.
  12. Understand purpose of lectures, demos, discussions, and role playing.
  13. Understanding need to facilitate learning for all students regardless of abilities.
  14. Understand the purpose of performance evaluation.
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