Course: Natural Hair Braiding Program
Course Length: 300 hours
The primary objective of SHEARS COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL is to provide learning opportunities and educational experiences primarily to students of Pennsylvania.

To provide a quality, innovative program, in the field of Natural Hair Braiding, in quality, variety and cost commensurate with the known need of students, citizens, and the State.  To prepare the student with adequate and appropriate preparation for licensing examination and prepare the student with knowledge and skills for employment at an entry-level position in the Natural Hair Braiding field.

Natural Hair Braiding is the study and practice of chemically free hair styling that includes working with textured hair-braiding, extensions, twists, locks and weaves.  The actual performance offer management and cultivate natural textured hair. To derive the utmost benefit from Natural Hair Braiding, practical performance, demonstration and practice are employed in conjunction with the study of theory.

Upon completion of the Natural Hair Braiding program, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze hair and scalp problems and administer corrective treatments.
  2. Have a thorough knowledge of infection control and hair structure.
  3. Know how to perform a client consultation.
  4. Understand the basic anatomy and physiology.
  5. Know how to manage and style textured hair.
  6. Have an understanding of shampoo chemistry.
  7. Know how to make and apply wigs.
  8. Know how to use cutting implements.
  9. Administer blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron and thermal irons to hair.
  10. Practice good hygiene and good grooming.
  11. Drape for services.
  12. Apply extensions, weaves, and remove braids.
  13. Employ rules of sanitation and sterilization.
  14. Employ safety precautions.
  15. Practice and employ the rules, regulations, and laws of the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetologists.
  16. Practice good salesmanship and customer service.
  17. Seek and obtain employment.
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