Success as a professional in the beauty industry takes a unique combination of technical skills and business acumen. The programs offered at Shears Cosmetology School will prepare you to pass the state exam, obtain entry-level employment, and excel in your chosen profession.


1250-Hour Program

Our Cosmetology Program offers a unique beauty school education that delivers more than the basics, including teachings in contemporary cutting and coloring techniques for both men and women’s hair. Our clinic floor provides students the experience needed in cutting, foiling, perming, styling, and coloring services. Student are held to our high standards to hone their skills and be ready to transition into a successful career.

  • Pass state board exam and obtain Cosmetology License
  • Gain business skills and career-preparedness for long-term success
  • Earn a rewarding career in the beauty industry


450-Hour Program

Our Esthetician Program teaches students about skin structure, disease and imperfections, facial treatments, make up applications, and product usage. Students will gain knowledge about the theories and techniques behind microdermabrasion, peels, hair removal, all phases of facial treatments, and more! Earn an opportunity for employment with resorts, spas, salons, or working with Dermatologists.

  • Pass the state board exam and start a career as a skincare professional
  • Experience working and interacting with real clients
  • Discover business skills, including communication and professional image

Nail Technician

300-Hour Program

If you have a desire to join the ever growing nail care industry, our Nail Technician Program is exactly what you’re looking for! The course focuses on design techniques, safety, product knowledge, career-building skills, and State Board Exam prep. Work with clients performing services like acrylics and gel sets to develop your overall skill set.

  • Improve your nail enhancement and design techniques
  • Learn about client communication etiquette and build confidence
  • Graduate, pass the state board exam, and become a licensed nail tech

Natural Hair Braiding

300-Hour Program

Students are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to pass the state board licensing exam and gain entry-level employment with our Natural Hair Braiding Program. Areas of study include styling and designing natural hair braids, hair care and scalp disorders, occupational safety and professional ethics, law and regulations, hygiene and sanitation, salon management, entrepreneurship and job skills.

  • Hands-on training with mannequins and customers on the clinic floor
  • Related careers include: personal natural hair braiding stylist, sales, beauty editor, and platform artist

Teacher's Program

500-Hour Program

Our Teacher’s Program is for those passionate about beauty education and sharing their knowledge, insight, motivation, and inspiration to future beauty professionals. With a proven system of training and education, learn how to successfully manage and thrive in the classroom, with a special emphasis on teaching methodology. Enroll in the Teacher’s Program, begin a rewarding career, and make a positive difference in the lives of many. 

  • Understand learning styles, team building, and student retention
  • Gain experience with classroom and student/salon management
  • Licensed teachers manage salons, do platform work, and perform seminars

Refresher Courses

Program Hours Vary

Cosmetology Refresher Courses enable beauty professional to return to school to reacquaint themselves with the basics, master new skills and enhance their techniques. Licensed professionals should regularly hone their skills since cosmetology methods and trends evolve over time. Our courses are ideal for cosmetology technicians, in particularly for technicians who must renew their licenses soon.